Can't retire Bait station

Project: Northern Forest, Line Howard Cheviot. Bait Station T06B

I am retiring Bait Stations, Hockey Stick (T01B-T08B) as these have been emptied while we are testing other means to catch rats. All except T06B have been retired successfully. The record for T06B seems
to be corrupt. It has no View or edit function and records can’t be added to it, thus it can’t be retired. .

Hi … I’m not sure if anyone has seen this issue. The T06B bait station record appears to be corrupt.
Can it be deleted??

Thanks, John

Doesn’t seem corrupt - but I’ve retired if for you regardless.


HI Andy,
Thanks for retiring the record. Unless this was a problem at my end there did seem to be a problem with it. There wasn’t an option to View or Edit the record or Add a new bait station record. It could be I wasn’t
authorized to update that record though even though I had access to all the other bait stations on that trap line.

Could be your role is only ‘Advanced Trapper’ and it wasn’t assigned to you?

Hi Andy,
My role is advanced trapper. I suspect when I was given access to the bait stations, that one was missed.
Cheers, John

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