Capturing volunteer hours

Hi, I’m just wondering if there is any scope within to create a function that captures volunteer hours?
It would be extremely helpful for groups like mine that have over 60 volunteer trappers. Recording volunteer hours is important for funding grants etc so to have an accurate record would be extremely helpful.
Ideally, there would be a spot to record hours in the App & on the website.
If there is no possibility of this happening in I’ll look into other types of time keeping apps that might be available. Thanks :slight_smile:

you can capture volunteer hours by getting them to use the track tab in the app they need to select to record their track then stop recording when they finish. This will allow you to access the time taken via the website by clicking on reports and project reports.

I hope this helps

Ok great thanks, I didn’t realise you could generate a report from that function.
It will help for the trappers that use the app, but many don’t sadly. Any chance of a place on the website to record hours?

I think volunteer hours has been often requested.
Can look at time of first trap visit record and time of last trap visit record to work out time spent in the field doing the trapline(s) and can add travel or admin time on top of that.
We use a Google Sheet which includes the roster to record hours if people actually fill it in.

It might not be the complete solution for some projects, but set up your installations as lines and get your volunteers to service the line using the Line tools in the app. This will commit a line record which contains the start and finish times, the GPX track, and any notes and photos associated with the work done:

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In case it’s useful, we created a google sheet for trapline planning
Planner Template
It gives a rolling plan for the coming 12 weeks, highlights holidays and special days.

Yes, all good if people use the app but many of our trappers don’t so was just hoping for somewhere on the website to record actual hours (we have an average hours tally, but not always accurate if volunteers have cleared tracks or spent more time in the field for some reason) A google sheet would be great if people filled it in but I don’t anticipate they will - one place for all admin would be ideal. Cheers

Thanks for that, we use something similar. Cheers :slight_smile:

Excellent idea just what our group have been hoping for bring it on!