Cat litter as a lure for feral cats

Has anyone tried using the litter of domestic cats to lure feral cats into traps?

Some studies have found that “ferret bedding” improves mustelid catch rates, so assume this could have a similar effect.

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Interesting idea! Perhaps give it a try and see what happens?

You’d have to contact an expert to find out if my concerns are justified, but I’d be worried about non-target animals being exposed to pathogens in cat feces (like toxoplasmosis or intestinal parasites).

It would be safer (for you and wildlife) to duplicate the ferret bedding technique, using your house cat, instead.


I think you are spot on,

It instantly struck me as something that could have negative consequences to wildlife and humans, health-wise.

If you could collect cat urine and sterilize it, and then spray the interior and exterior of a cage with it, it should be a very effective way to lure cats. If not, there’s a good chance that other predators would stop to check it out. Would the stoat that’s always ignoring your trap, stop for a sniff and decide to finally explore the trap? I’d love to find out.


A professional cat trapper I know recommended the cat urine technique. Surely a domestic cats litter tray ( as stated in the initial question) is safe to use as it is already part of the environment and in contact with humans.

I use male (Tom) glands on my traps works a treat.

Toxoplasmosis is the problem. Can be very harmful to humans and wildlife. I just believe it would be well worth seeking advice from a veterinarian, MPI or DOC.

The urine may be free from parasites…but what do I know?!