Catching hedgehogs

I would like to modify the entrance of my DoC200 traps so I can catch hedgehogs, if any are around. Can someone suggest the best size for the opening.

hedgeys can be surprisingly fluid in their body shape. The hole in the front of our trap boxes & the hole in the mesh divider is rat size roughly 7.5 cms sq. We’ve trapped a fair number of hedgeys but unfortunately they tend to be wedged in the mesh divider & the easiest way is to lift out the divider along with the animal

Thanks, I will check all my traps to make sure size is right. Some of my traps are in sand dunes, favourite spots for hedgehogs

We often catch quite large hedgehogs in our DOC 150. No modification required. And the occasional smaller one in the Good Nature pneumatic trap.

Thanks. 75 x 75mm has been suggested to me. I am going to check my trap opening tomorrow.

I have caught hedgehogs in DOC200 traps just as they are. They surprisingly fit in. I would be wary of making the entrance holes bigger in case you catch animals you don’t want to or for risk of people putting hands in.