Catching mice a lot at the moment

I am catching a lot of mice at the moment anyone else experiencing this? Never really caught many before and now getting a few each week.

You may have a degree of control over the rat population. Rats eat mice so…

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They’re excellent bait, so put them to use. Female stoats and weasels are big fans of mice.

Same here after catching lots of rats.

Me, too. In record-breaking numbers. It’s only May, but I beat 2021’s total ages ago.

I bought some Times Up mouse traps at the start of April, to control the mice around the house and in a few sheds nearby better, after reading some excellent reviews (but their rat trap is rubbish, apparently). In 6 weeks, I’ve trapped 75 mice/small rats, so there are WAY more small rodents around than I had thought. I’ve made 2 double-sets for them with scrap timber, and a quad tunnel. I’ve drilled 1/2" holes as entrances to exclude the vast majority of scavengers and non-target species, and the lids are screwed down. I trap them with every bait I use - they aren’t fussy. They’re big fans of Marmite, I’ve found.

The traps perform very well, with little bait-theft, 95% of the kills are clean, and I’ve only found 2 injured mice so far. I collect the mice and use them as bait in my DoC tunnels, crossing my fingers that a stoat or weasel is in the neighbourhood.
I’m going to start freezing them so that I have a year-round bait supply.

A great side-effect of trapping so many mice, is that it takes way longer for the bait in my rat traps to disappear, if it even does.

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