Celium events are not being recorded accurately enough

We use the Celium VHF infrastructure to pass event records into Trap.NZ. We’ve just noticed that Trap.NZ only records Celium events to the nearest minute, rather than to the second.

Although this sounds trivial, it actually has a major impact on the sequencing of events. When we are visiting traps with Celium nodes, we will typically trigger the trap during the maintenance process and then issue a reset command at the node. These events almost inevitably occur within a minute of each other. In the Celium dashboard, the trigger always precedes the reset command and so the trap appears in the ‘Set’ mode.

Because Trap.NZ only records the event to the nearest minute, this means that the trigger and reset can appear in the wrong order. This means that the trigger is seen in Trap.NZ as occuring after the reset and so the trap appears as ‘triggered’ when it is not.

This is important because Encounter Solutions have stopped maintaining their Trapwatch field application - and so Trap.NZ is the only app available in the field to look at Celium node status.

At the very minimum, the sequence of the messages in Celium need to be respected in Trap.NZ… but ideally if the event is recorded to the second, then that will occur naturally.

Thanks for listening!



kia ora @david.swann.new.zeal I’ve let the developers know and they are going to be looking into it for you