Change start date

I want to change the date the kill tally starts but dont know how?

Hi there, I’m not 100% sure what you are referring to here, but we have a Monthly Catch Total report where you can select the start and end dates here:

Let us know if that’s no what you need.

One the main page on the bottom left there is a kill counter “project year and monthly” tally. I want to change when the yearly tally starts. I think it will probably be when I started the project but I want to change it. If I can. Thanks for your time

Hi there

The Year total is for the previous 12 months (from today). There isn’t an option to change that at the moment - however we are reviewing the project home page layout so if you have any suggestions as to how this might work better let us know. An option might be to remove the year column if the project is less than a year old…

that is good to know, thank you for your time.