Change trap type

We changed three traps on a line from DOC 150 to DOC 200 traps. How do I change this on the trap record ? It looks as though I have to retire the trap but I don’t want to loose the historical information.

Hi Heather, when I go to edit one of our traps, it lets me scroll down and pick a different trap. However I haven’t tried to save it as I’m just playing with a random trap on my phone. What happens when you try to change trap type

Hi Grant. Thanks for your response. Yes, I have done the edit and changed the relevant traps and then saved it for each trap. However on the summary of the traps it is still showing the old information. It has not carried the changes through.

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Hi Heather. If you are physically replacing the traps with a DOC 200 you will need to retire the DOC 150 and create a new trap (of type DOC 200) at that location. The historical data will remain with the old trap - you won’t lose it.

(you may need to change the type back to DOC 150 before retiring it so that the old records are associated with right type)

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