Changing my email address

Hi team, I am a member of four projects. I created two of these and I am administrator on the other two. At the time I joined my email was with Paradise (Vodafone). Vodafone stopped hosting email and now I have a new email address. Is it possible for me to change the email address in my profile without losing access to all my data, and without the traps that are assigned to my old email address disappearing? Cheers, Chris C.

Hi Chris

You can change your email address in your account settings without losing data - but you can’t use an email address that is used on another account.

So in your case what you probably want to do do is make sure your new account (with the new email address) is an administrator on all four projects. We can then nuke the old account once you’ve logged in with your new account and verified you can access all the projects with it.