Clicking on trap/bait station occasionally scrolls map to the left

When you are looking at your project overview, clicking on a trap or bait station occasionally scrolls the map to the upper left.

Gif of it happening

Thanks Bevan - we can replicate the problem too. The guys are looking at it.

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I’ve had the same issue, but also another one where it doesn’t take off to the side, but it zoom’s into the absolute max. Happens sometimes when I click on a trap with a supplementary, not always. Sometimes the zoom doesn’t change and the traps just split into their two symbols, other times the screen zooms like crazy so far in that only the two symbols are shown filling the screen.

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Any update on this? The issue still exists.

It is painful, I’m fairly certain it only happens on the home page with the combined installations, i.e. not on the ‘Traps’, ‘Baitstations’, ‘Monitoring’ maps.

Is that what others are seeing?

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