Clicking to another monitoring station when on 'view' map

Kia ora, I’ve just been working with a colleague to bring all our monitoring and trapping things together on one project (I am working mostly with the trapping and pest animal monitoring, and he is doing bird counts and lizard monitoring).

Something I find really useful when editing and checking stations is being able to be on the ‘view’ screen for a particular station or trap, edit it as required or check it’s details, then just click across to the next trap in the line, it pops up the name of the trap that I can click on to open it, and repeat the process.

I seem to be able to do this fine with traps, however it is not working as such for the monitoring stations. Is there a reason for this, is it a glitch in our project, or a wider bug that shouldn’t be happening?

Our project is Te Nukuroa o Matamata, the specific monitoring stations I have noted it not working with are the bird counts and ACOs on the TNoT Birds line. Let me know if there is more specific info I can provide or if this doesn’t make any sense!

@tui_kraal, it was a simple fix, should be good for you now

Amazing, thank you! Swift fix :slight_smile: