Collating two existing traps

We had a double 150 box get munted and the trapper replaced and relocated it but only one of the traps in the box not both. How do I co-locate them? I have given them the same coordinates but they are still separated and it seems a supplementary trap is designed for a new trap. We are using the earlier numbers.

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The exact same coordinates should do it. If that doesn’t work, please send us a support message ( with the two trap IDs, so we can take a look.


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Hi Andy, thanks. But a question of @cragrat or us is “why second trap doesn’t relocate with?”. thanks

No matter what i do on computer - downloaded the CSV with co-ords copy and go to hit edit in add manual coordinates I paste (or type) the coordinates of the previous trap but they never paste update. I tried colocating on Android and iphone apps and nothing opened when I clicked on co-locate.