Column names in the Monthly multi project catch table

My name is Laurie - I am a volunteer trapper in the Whareroa Village area on western side of Lake Taupo. I use Trap.NZ to log all the predators caught in the trap lines I set and clear and I send regular emails with the trapping results in an Excel spreadsheet out to people interested in predator trapping in our area. I started volunteer trapping in our area in 2021 - so my spreadsheet shows the results month by month since 2021 - and I am using data from Trap.NZ Monthly multi project catch table which has the various predator’s I have caught listed at the top of each column in the Monthly table.

The data on the screen defaults to the last 12 months - but if I start the Report back in 2021 when I started trapping and the bottom of the Report is Apr 2023 I am scrolling up and down the screen to see what predator type each column relates to so I can manually add the figures to my Excel spreadsheet.

I would like to request that the predator titles for each column could also be added under the Totals row so I ( and maybe others ) don’t have to scroll up and down to see what predator total each column relates to.

I realise that I can download a CSV file - but this has a lot of extra detail about predator’s that I have to edit out - where my spreadsheet is very easy to update, cut and paste and send out in an email.

Thanks Laurie