Comments on new app

I have been using the new version of the app for a few weeks now and have a couple of comments.

I find the data entry screen with white font on black background very hard to read, especially in bright sunlight. I think black on white would be better.

It still isn’t possible to list multiple bait types for a single trap. We often use cocktails (Erayze, long-life lures, golf or ping pong balls, walnut) with our DOC 200s, but only one can be listed in the trap details. With our A12s we use both Goodnature possum lure and a flour/icing sugar/aromatic oil mix. Would be great if we could select multiple baits from the menu.

Be good to have a bait category for flour based lures like the one I described above.

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Thanks for the feedback - all suggestions will go into the mix for future rounds of development, so keep them coming!

Having flexible bait types as well as being to able to select multiple is an oft requested feature and one which we hope to address soon.

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Just wondering about uploading photos in the new app on my phone as I do with Would be great to instead of downloading to my laptop. Thanks Libby

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I added a trap location through the app but it ended up no where near the correct location, can we have the ability to drag the trap location on the map?

I do a bait line in local parks and often bait take is measured in single blocks. These typically each weigh about 25gms however the bait weight sliders on the app move in increments of 50g, so its hard to be accurate. Can the increments interval be 25g? There must be lots of users doing small scale animal pest control that this would benefit.

When checking traps I use the Lines view on the old app. This is far easier and more accurate than trying to pick the right traps from the map. I hope a Lines view will be added to the new app as well?

Background colour change and photo upload will be released soon. The ability to edit and move installations is in the queue for development.

Please add additional feature requests to our Feature Requests forum where they will be easier to track. Ideally make a different post for each feature which makes it easier for people to vote and comment on. Thanks!

Many thanks for listening to users and making these changes. The new data form is so much easier to read now.

Hi Overall find the new app easier to use but the GPS functions especially when adding a new trap in forest gives me a lot of trouble. Not sure if I have missed something but the old app would eventually zero in on your location with reasonable accuracy(by hitting current location). In the new app it momentarily centers somewhere nearby and vanishes with each new tap of the gps requiring completely new positioning. Holding down for the centered option seems to just lock it on that first gps point allocated and it will not change no matter what, surely I have missed something?

Being able to edit trap data on the app and move them live would really be a great benefit as well!

Thanks Anthony