Commercial use?


Have just started using as part of volunteering for a predator free group. But I also work for a pest control company, and wondering about the use of for commercial pest control. Is anyone using for this purpose? Do the features allow for for commercial use?

Would work to have listings of bait stations and etc, and allow employees to edit? Would there be any privacy or security issues about risks of people, outside the company for example, accessing data or seeing private property info if they’re not meant to?

It might be a great tool.

Kia ora Max,

There are many companies using it and it can be a really good community engagement tool. You can control the access levels and data sharing as you see fit. Either join a community project or set your own up if you want total control of security. If joining a community project, it is only members with elevated roles that are able to see your installations (bait stations, traps, monitoring stations, safety signs, remote monitored equipment etc.)

It’s all about collaboration so obviously the summary data from such exercises is really important to the local and national effort so we’d strongly suggest you keep the ‘Share summary data’ box checked.

Definitely check out the find projects page so you can consider working in with existing projects.

Everything is covered in detail in the help docs:

Ngā mihi,