Concern about personal information being shared

Hi, I am an Admin for a site and invite new members on TrapNZ when we sell a trap and then add it to TrapNZ. I have often wondered what view a new member gets, so I recently tried it with another personal email address. I have just logged in for the first time using my new username and I am shocked to see that I can see all traps across our project. Which means that I can check how friends or neighbours were doing. To me this is personal information, so I should not have access to it. (I can not access the members section). It seems that as an Admin I could have given too great an access to many members, possibly by accident. Please, do all new members gain wide access, ie, see all traps, and can check kill history etc, not just for their own traps? Which option should I be selecting when inviting a new member?
Thanks, Paul
adrian cragg (I assumed very limited access, but seemingly not)
paul cragg (Admin access)

Hi Paul,

What members can see depends on the role given to them by an administrator. By default members can only see and add records to traps that have been assigned to them. Members with the Readonly role can see all traps, but only add records to ones that have been assigned to them. Members with the Editor role can see and add records to all traps in the project, and members with the Administrator role can access the normally hidden reports and manage members.

It sounds like you have granted one of the more permissive roles to your new account?

Yes, I can see you have granted your new account the Readonly role which can see all the traps. Your project has 144 members: 6 Administrators, 24 Editors, 16 Readonly members, and the rest are regular members.

You can change or remove roles from members who you don’t want higher levels of access.

Thanks for the really helpful answers. As an Admin, I thought I had to select one of the 3 options, ie, admin, editor, and read only. Is it easy for you to add a 4th, something like, “assigned traps only”, ie, the default?
I will share your answer with our Admins. I feel it is likely that we will review who has what access.
Many thanks, Paul

Hi Paul, thanks for your suggestion. We’ve added descriptions of the roles (and no role) to the invite form to explain what the invitees will be able to see and do.