Contacting a Project Administrator

I’ve been asked to take a look at a new project. It’s left me in the strange situation of seeing Trap.NZ from the perspective of a ‘trapper’ rather than as an administrator. It’s a lonely, dispiriting experience! It’s an unusual situation because I have no contact details for the administrator… except through the ‘join a project’ request in Trap.NZ.

In requesting to join, I have no options… I can only join as whatever the administrator chooses to assign me. In this case, this is a ‘stale’ project and the administrator doesn’t realise that a ‘trapper’ can’t see any traps until they’ve been assigned. (Which isn’t going to happen because the administrator doesn’t know how to do that).

This administrator has clearly not completed the contact information form… and here’s the problem. Trap.NZ offers no way for a trapper to request a role upgrade, no way for a trapper to contact the administrator through the app… so I’m left looking at a satellite image with a project boundary… which is a bit useless!

May I please request that a role upgrade request feature be added… plus ideally a method for establishing comms with the administrator. This is important because the very first introduction to Trap.NZ will invariably be as a trapper… and it’s not great when a first experience is lonely and dispiriting!

Thanks for listening.


Kia ora we have talked about adding a “contact the admin” tab. I can also contact them on your behalf, but, it’s a good idea and I’ll make sure the developers see this request


Yes, have encountered exactly the same issue with multiple projects I have wanted to join.
“Trapper” is poor terminology for the type of access you have under this designation.

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