Correcting location of supplementary double traps on the app

I have recently learn how to correct a trap location on the app by selecting Installation Details then Move Trap. All of my traps are DoC200 doubles which show as 2 joined triangles, one labelled supplementary. When I select the primary triangle the move works great, but it leaves the supplementary behind and the process does not then work for moving the supplementary. I am left with the primary triangle in the correct location and the supplementary now disconnected and left at the old wrong location. What am I doing wrong?

kia ora @philb Yes I see the issue, I will let the developers know

I have had this same issue with shifting double-set trap locations in the app.

I have had this issue as well. However over time, I’m not sure how long, the secondary trap location gets corrected to the new location that was changed to in the main trap.