Correcting/refining a bait station position in the field

I see there are some instructions for refining a bait station position by using edit and a point location icon. I have not been able to find the point location icon?


This is the button, located at the bottom of the map.

My map does not show this icon. Is there a trick to this?

Click on your project > Bait Stations > Scroll down and click on what bait station you want to move > Click Edit > A map will appear with the button as shown above.

Hi Bevan.

When i select the bait station edit feature the app take me to a service screen not a map sceen. So i see the bait type target species extra. So -my project - Lower mataura-select bait station-16 - edit - service screen.

or project lines - stirlings - bait station 16 edit - service screen

Apologies I did not see that you were referring to the app. I don’t think there is a way to edit the location while in the field. I would just set a waypoint on a GPS and then edit it back on a computer.

Currently this is not possible in the app but is being worked on for release in early 2021.