Count error / missing data after sort


I’ve encountered and interesting issue. Here’s a default view of trap records for one of our traps:

Note the possum on 8 May 2023
Now here’s the same data but with a sort applied on the strikes field:

No possum! And indeed, no record for 8th May.

I’d appreciate it if this could be resolved please - I have a workflow that needs this view to be accurate



Kia ora when I go into there and apply the strikes filter the record shows, though it does look like the dates are out of order

I’m not applying a filter - I’m applying just a sort in descending order. If you do the same, you should get exactly the same ordering… it’s very troubling if you’re applying exactly the same query to the database and yet getting a different outcome.

1 Like sorry I meant a sort not a filter I apologise I was accessing the trap via traprecords, I have asked the developers to have a look at this

Ah - thanks for that! I was a bit worried by the original reply. :slight_smile: