CPUE calculation for live cage traps


I am trying to find out how to calculate catch per unit effort or catches per 100 trap nights for live cage cat traps. when I click on reports the results seem far too high, what I am thinking has gone wrong is that TrapNZ assumes the traps are open all the time. is there a way I can enter in the dates that the trap has been inactive?

Hi @aotea

I think the corrected catch rate reports are correct but may not make a lot of sense in some situations.

E.g. if you have only two consecutive records for a trap that was deployed one day and checked the next day and caught something then you would have 1 animal * 100 corrected trap nights which gives 100. Obviously very high…

To be meaningful the traps need to be checked periodically over a reasonable length of time, and if comparing with other traps they all need to be checked on the same dates.

We might actually need to remove or modify the corrected trap catch chart as it doesn’t make sense to show the corrected trap catch per day - it needs to be average over a period.