Create 'line' from trap data

Kia ora

Has anyone used the trap data to create lines? We have 260+ in a 70 acre area and it’s too hard to use the line tool on web. I’d like a map with just the lines not all the trap locations. (as there are too many and it gets very busy).

I know I could just walk all the tracks with the app track recorder but it seems like ‘associating’ the traps with a line could be possible.
Look forward to hearing from anyone who may have done this.


Good morning. I’ve done the geo-locating and track recording for a project with 100+ traps. I don’t use TrapNZ in the field.

I use the Map Toaster App on my smart phone. I geo-locate trap sites, which I upload to TrapNZ. Traplines are done in the same way and generate a.GPX format file. Which can be uploaded to TrapNZ.

I hope this helps.

To see a map with lines only (and no traps) just go into the ‘Lines’ screen on the web version of

To associate a bunch of traps with a line, go into ‘Manage traps’, select the traps you want to add to the line (perhaps by using filtering on their IDs) and then choose ‘Change trap details’ from the drop box above the list of traps. Click Execute. Then choose to add them to the line you want. And confiirm.

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Thanks David. It’s the ‘associating a trap with a line’ directions I needed. I’ll give this a go.

I am having the same issue but am not sure where to find “Manage Traps”
I can find my traps by their numbers

If I go into traps then type in the traps "starting with " 07 under title and line “any” I get a list of the 07xx traps below the map. If i put in the line name only no traps show below . If I put in "starting with " 07 and the trap line name nothing shows up. I have tried every line we have with search for title starting with 07 and get nothing unless I go to “any”

It’s one of the bulk editing features covered in the help section. Worth noting all the other bulk edits you make the same way, such as assigning lines to users:

@cragrat, you can find Manage Traps once you are on the Traps page:

Also the Line filter will only show installations that are already associated with the line. It sounds like you haven’t yet added them to the line.

You will need to use ‘any’ to find all the those ‘07’ named installations, then assign them to your 07 line (if you’ve created one, if not, create the line first.)

Hope that helps,

I don’t have those options.Only add a new trap and add catches I guess it’s further up the food chain. Seems I am only a MANAGER and cannot do that.
It seems eally stupid that I can add Traps to the project but not add them to a line