Creating a duplicate control site to help planning

Hi, I use the website frequently and it is a great help. But we want to schedule out our next line of traps and I’d like to ‘place’ dummy traps on a grid where we intend to place them in order to check how many traps we will need.

I will probably just create another ‘dummy’ project, but a feature that allows you to rename a project and duplicate it would be helpful…

Hi PetrelHeads,

We’ve discussed the possibility of adding a feature to have different statuses for traps and such, keep an eye out for a future announcement. In the meantime you could set up a temporary project as you suggest, but your best bet is probably to use the “Retired” status of traps and bait stations in place of a “Planned” status. Retired traps do not show up on maps and reports, but the main Trap, Bait Station and Monitoring maps have a dropdown filter set to “Active” by default which you can change to “Retired” or “Any” to see both.

Hope that helps,