Cross project trap inventory report broken

This report
When you select the projects from the list and hit apply nothing happens.

(I wondered if it would be possible to see trap numbers over time for each project so I can assess “market penetration”. Its probably not massively useful so if its hard to do then don’t spend any time making it do that if it doesn’t already.)

Thanks for the heads up. We’ll get that report fixed David. I can give you a report of traps added over time (by month). Is that what you are after? For NZ - or just your projects?

I’m interested in traps over time by project. Monthly would be great, and filter by active/retired.
The objective would be to look at the increase of traps deployed year on year per project.

It works now thanks!
Would it possible give us a CSV/XLS export of that summary info as well?

I can’t seem to get the trap count to work accross multiple projects either. It just comes up with four traps but the reset button doesn’t work, and when I select multiple projects and click apply nothing happens either. We currently have 23 projects under one umbrella and will likely have more projects over time.