CSV downloads have incorrect data

Hi, sometimes when I run a report and hit “Download CSV”, the data in the CSV is vastly different to what the report showed on the screen. This is forcing me to copy and paste report data instead of being able to generate CSV files. Please check.

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Hi Petrina,

Do you have an example we can check out for you? A url of the report page would be great.


I have just found this too.

A report of last bait station check lists, in date order, all the lines, and their most recent dates, one row per line. It does not allow a sort by column, eg sort by line ID which is how I’d prefer it. So I exported to csv.

When I export to csv file, I get a row for each bait station, not for each line as it is on the screen. That would actually be quite useful except that the station ID is not included in the file, and the date shown is in a format that does not sort - or rather, it does, but by day of week rather than by year, month & day.

Sorry I can’t give a url - the Forum switches out of the report so I can’t grab it. Perhaps the Forum should open a new page?

Kia ora all,

We’d love to know more about this issue - it’s likely easier for you to email us with screenshots and details, rather than post here.


Ngā mihi,

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