CSV file import using 'trap overview' data to obtain trap IDs

Hi there

the bumph on bulk uploading is a bit ambiguous.

The trap overview download shows “Trap ID” & “Number/Code” for my traps

the upload bumph instructs me to use ID or Name (?what is name?)

I’ve created csv file using both sets of data (Trap ID and Number/code) from the trap overview download and neither matches on upload!!

What am I doing wrong??


Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of clarity. “Number/Code” is the identifier you’ve given to the trap, which may or may not be unique. “Trap ID” is the unique number identifying your trap in our system. You can generally ignore it, it’s mostly useful for us when we do bulk importing and exporting.

“Name” is the username of the person who created the trap (as described in the helper text):

  1. name (optional) : The username of the person who created the trap. This is only necessary of you have multiple traps with the same code (but different creators). If the names don’t match the import will fail, so if in doubt, leave it out.

When uploading a CSV of records, you need to match “Number/Code” from the export to “code” on the import.

We have logged the suggestion to reconcile the CSV import/export to use consistent naming to better facilitate round-trip importing and exporting.