"Curated" means what?

Hi, “Curated” on our project pages means what please?
Thanks, Rik

Another question… Can we reinstate the line name tags being displayed please?

Hi Rik,

Curated is a moderation option for the admins. It only does something if a project is set to public, but gives a mechanism to remove a boundary from the public maps if a need arises.

I’ve reinstated the line labels :slight_smile:


Thanks Logan.
The line names, we have very many, so they’re a primary aid to navigation.
I take it our boundary-setting is fine, then.
We have made a lot of progress against peri-urban pests in our time with trap.nz, and wouldn’t really have known where to start without this very useful tool, for a motivated team. So thanks again.
Cheers, Rik