D-Rat Trap - Risk to Birds?


Been looking at deploying these D-Rat traps into the Bush (In areas where we catch more rats than possums in Leg hold traps)

But it looks like a normal snap trap in a cover.

My question is:

(1) Do these catch non-target birds (Being in Trees)
(2) Are there any good at catching Rats?



I have about 5 in the bush behind my house and I know there are lots of rats in the trees, however after a year I haven’t caught any in the d-rat traps. Sometimes they get set off without catching anything but some never get sprung at all. Haven’t caught a bird yet but mine are the supervisor model with the long cowel


Thanks for the reply, yes I might give them a miss.

I wonder if the longer cowel is putting them off?


I have a couple of D-Rat traps near the Waikanae Estuary. I have built 2 wooden boxes as per the plans on the website. These seem to work well. I don’t have problems catching birds. The biggest problem with all traps using peanut butter is insect etc eating the bait.

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My neighbour bought one and the first thing she caught with her trap was a bird. So a wooden box is required or a tunnel leading into it.

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Thanks for the feedback, it looks like you may as well just make a tunnel and put in a snap trap.

Which are much cheaper than d-rat trap.

The advantage of the d-trap would have been not needing to have to build a tunnel, but without in sounds like the risk to birds is too much.

The main reason I put traps out is to help the birds, so don’t want to risk any birds being trapped by our efforts.