D-Rat traps & Tinned Sardines on Karioi Project

Kia Ora,

We have started using D-Rat traps (in trees) on our project, https://envirotools.co.nz/d-rat/ can you please add these traps as an option?

Also we have been having a lot of success with tinned sardines as cat bait, can you add this as a bait option?


Ranger Dunc

How much are those D-Rat traps? I assume it is trap and shroud, and not retrofitted to a SnapE or Gorrila style trap? Thanks

around $25 each, check the website for details. they work good =)

Hi @Dthmackay

These categories have been added.

they look like they would work well for killing rats, but they don’t offer much explanation about how the shroud prevents killing birds.

Risks to non-targets will vary enormously, depending on what’s around, i.e. who the non-target species present are.