Dashboards in Google Data Studio

Hi team,
Has anyone used Google’s Data Studio with trap records? I’ve been experimenting with it, thinking I can create an interactive 1-page dashboard. So far I’ve used a csv export but wonder if it’s possible to have a live URL link to the catch records like there is for trap locations with Google Earth.

Hi Grant,

No I haven’t but I like the idea of being able to consolidate our stats onto one page. A clear overlay that show the tracks, landmarks and each trap location within each sector would be advantageous. You and I know where we’re going, but it would be good to give a new group a laminated sector plan and send them on their way.


Andrew Hunter

There is WMS (web mapping service) feeds which return JSON for use in mapping tools like arcgis and QGis and indeed Google Earth.
I suppose other Google services might have a way consume this data too.
It was easy enough to get trap locations and catch data could be returned also, but i couldn’t filter the catch data to only return the last 30 days( but accept that might be just me being inexperienced at requesting the data in the correct way)