Data feeds to GIS mapping software

I have followed the updated guide that @scottw posted about getting the data feed but it’s not working properly.

I have tried-

  • Both QGIS and ArcGIS
  • WFS and WMS feed types
  • Disable and re-enable data sharing of project
  • Two different projects
  • Creating a new API key

If I load as WMS type the layer names are showing up (default-project, my-projects-bait-stations, etc) but no points or lines ever become visible - I’ve checked with basemap off too :slight_smile:

Are there particular values for Number of features , feature paging , or DPI mode that could be tripping me up?

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this is the issue you are having, but I noticed that the example URLs are improperly linked in the PDF and if clicked are missing the request part after the line break.

Apart from a possibly incomplete URL the main thing you need to do is make sure your projects have “Share summary data” ticked.

So a WFS layer URL should look like this:{your-api-key}/{project-id}

Note that you still need something in the {project-id} parameter even if you are just interested in using the collected my-projects data. Just substitute in a 0 or a 1 if you don’t want to use an actual project ID.

Hope that helps?

The team

Hi Scott, Ive filled the api and project fields and you can see from the screenshot the expected layers are available - it feels so close, but just never displays anything over the basemap (Sharing summary box is checked on all projects)

update: IT WORKS!!!

I went to “description” for the layer in ArcGis and scrolled through a heap of XML and then noted that my feed’s api had been polluted by some non printing characters.

instead of the feed looking like ‘​97Pdm6DpXthIl…’
it was something like `​%E8&%97Pdm6DpXthII…’