Data management issues when entering monitoring tunnel data

We have now started to recording TRAP.NZ our monitoring tunnel data, and I have encountered some problems both with the app and the website.

  1. TRAP.NZ seems unable to (correctly) sort by tunnel number when I click the column harder in several tables in the website. Most are OK, but one out of place defeats the purpose.
  2. In the app, the last tunnel in a line does not save correctly, or change colour to green on saving.
  3. … and possibly related, when I edit a line or groups, the last in the line seems to be missed.
  4. When I run a monitoring report “by line” I get either one or maybe two tunnel lines, but others just do not show.
  5. On the website, when I go to select just some records using filters, it lists lines that have no tunnels, even no monitoring, in them. I’d expect only lines with monitoring devices to be included if using the “manage monitoring data” feature, sorted into alphanumeric order.
    The good news is that the first data are in, and I now need to prepare and import the old data that goes back to 2014.

Kia ora @jo_b Thanks for your feedback, I have had a look at your monitoring project and here is what I found,

  1. I’m not really too sure what you are meaning here, can you please be more specific (give me the steps) every time I tried to sort the tunnels they were in numerical order, so I’m guessing it is something else you are wanting to do.
  2. I can’t access your project via the phone app, so tried on mine and every time all the tunnels entered correctly. (I have noticed in your project that M38 isn’t assigned to a line, could this be the one that isn’t saving?)
  3. As in point 2. Is it M38? if so this may be the issue.
  4. To select more than one line, hold the ctrl key and select the lines you are wanting then click apply. (hopefully that helps you) however I see there is only one line with reports showing results even when I go through all the lines
  5. The programme is set up to show all the lines in case you are wanting to add installations to any of them
    If you have more to add, that can help me identify specific issues please feel free to contact me via Need help? | Trap.NZ