Date defalts to 2022

Hi! when creating reports or using the date range function on the website the From date always defaults to 2022. It can be changed but just another step and usually after I’ve bought up the wrong report which reminds me to change it. So it would be great if the default date could be the current year. Cheers

The reports are usually set to report on a generally useful period of time, either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Depending on the current month, that frequently means the start date will be in the previous year.

We are working on updating our reports in general and one of the features we intend to add is for the reports to remember your filters and settings for your next visit so you won’t need to keep changing them each time.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for that Scott, that will be helpful for the system to remember the last filter. Also while I’m here, often the pop up calendar doesn’t seem to link with the date in the box as I often have to manually enter the date even after clicking on the date in the calendar. Cheers