Date/Time from exports

I’m trying to calculate relative abundance indices (catches/100 trap days) - I can’t find a report that does this for all traps in a line, or all traps in a project. So I’m thinking of using excel to do this calculation but the export of trap data has a date/time that is incompatible with excel. I’m wondering if you could get the ‘download xls’ feature to format the date in a format that excel recognizes? (or create a report that calculates relative abundance for all traps?).


Found an easier way than the one I msged you about!

go to Reports then Trap Reports then Corrected catch reports
or use this link

  • Note that it’s not obvious, but you can actually leave “Trap ID” blank
  • Adjust Dates
  • Hold the “CTRL” button on your keyboard to select a number of species at once I have selected 3 rat species as an example.

Hit “Apply” to view the results like in the screenshot below. You can also download the results as CSV or XLS at the bottom of that results page for furthur processing.

Thanks Maybe_it_s_a_Trap, You are correct - that’s the report we need - however it’s not working for us. We leave Trap ID blank, select dates, multi-select species targeted, hit apply and nothing comes up… no results are returned.

Darn, it may well be a bug then- I did notice that even if I chop the date range back to just one month (with 40 or so traps) it takes a full 30 seconds for the server to crunch the numbers it may be that a large number of traps or a few years of trap history could cause trouble.

If you have no luck with a shorter time frame then changing the date format of your data yourself might be another option. There’s well over 20 date formats you can choose from and a bit of a guide here if you want info.


I’m having a related but different problem with the Date/Time format in exported data and wonder if we could ask TrapNZ to change the date/time format in exported files so that Excel easily recognises it as a date/time, or at least in a format which can be directly re-uploaded into TrapNZ. At the moment Excel seems to read the downloaded csv date/time as a text string even when trying to force it to read it as date format. For example I wanted to download a heap of data from one project and upload it to a different project, but it was quite painful and took quite a few steps to change the date/time from the format in the downloaded data into something that is accepted by TrapNZ as uploadable data.

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