De-collation of traps?

Wondering if there is a way to de-collate traps @lenore-admin @andy.saunders-admin ?

We have a line of leg-hold traps that has some traps collated if they are very close together, however yesterday when I was setting the line, I found that some of the traps are not as close in real life as I would like for them to show as collated on the app! Wanting to separate those ones out so it is more obvious where they are.

I think I have done this before a couple of times with BT200s but think I may have just retired one and added a new trap back in. Wanting to keep the data together if I can!

Kia ora @tui_kraal were the traps added via the phone app as a collocated trap or via the website as a supplementary trap?

@tui_kraal, perhaps give us the web url to one of the trap so we can see what you have.

They were added as cocollated traps on the app.

@andy.saunders-admin this is one of three (I think I have the right one!)

@tui_kraal Great, I suggest using the ‘Move installation’ functionality in the app to position as suits.

However, if you want them in the same spot so that they ‘spider’ out when you click on them, you can edit the coordinates on the website so both traps have exactly the same long / lat.

Hope that helps.

Ah of course, I hadn’t thought of that! Great easy solution as we can do it in the field with the ones that need it :slight_smile:

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