Default values for baiting records

One of our users reports a curious problem in that values are self-populating from strange sources when he adds a new baiting record.

I’ve long wanted a default value across a project for the bait type, formulation concentration, bait block size etc. But when this user opens up TRAP.NZ and goes to any station in either of his two lines, the values that are populated are not from a previous entry to that stations, or to any other of his stations, or to an overall project default. Instead, they are to one of several recent users working on other lines & who are not assigned to the station being edited.

The fields he has mentioned as being affected include user name, concentration, and target species, but it may be for other fields too. So he has to correct hose before continuing. I have no idea if this happens for other people too.

Please could you see if this can be improved? Inage coming separately as it won’t upload to here. .

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