Description field in app populates Trap Sub-Type field

In the app, if I add an installation and include text in the description field, that text then appears in the Trap Sub-Type field in the web application.

But once that text has been added into the description field, it becomes the default… so the Trap Sub-Type field is always populated with that text… despite the fact that the default text does NOT appear in the description field.

That’s a real problem because sometimes quite long text fields are put into the description (“placed 3m up in the scrubby rata” for example… and that text ends up populating dozens of subsequent records… which is a nightmare to clean up!

I suggest there are three things that need to happen:

  1. Use consistent field names between the app and web application… and ensure that the appropriate field is populated in the database.
  2. If a default is used based on a previous entry, that default text must appear in subsequent pages so that it can be corrected before a save.
  3. It should be way easier to correct ‘bulk’ errors in the app.

Thanks David