Device for recording data, other than phone

Hi are there options other than using a phone to record catch data. Such as a ruggedised data logger, or some other device that the app can be used on. I need to buy a bunch of devices for a team, and it seems a waste to use a phone, just for data collection. Thanks, John

You could a tablet, but to record in the field it needs internet access.

Not sure but I don’t think the app runs without access back to the web server?


Hi Gary, thanks for responding. My understanding is that data is recorded without internet/phone connection, and then synced to the server once you come online later.
I’m trying to find a way to avoid needing both a gps and a phone for our team members, since that is a lot of overlap in functionality. And a phone isn’t designed to be used as a data collection device in wet and rugged conditions. I will keep thinking!

Yep I guess try and add a catch while in Air Plane mode on your phone, that will prove if it does sync when you get back online?

Phone app works fine offline and GPS location function is close enough if looking for trap locations or recording new ones. Auto syncs when back in data range or wifi. There have been some gremlins a few months ago with results disappearing but seems ok now. I have not had problems using a phone in the field but then I don’t usually head out in bad weather.