Different bait list on website vs app

I’ve just rebaited some A24s with Goodnature blood lure (for rats and stoats). On the phone app it’s listed but NOT on the website (for some reason a couplepf trap entries didn’t upload).

Also, can there be some internal logic applied so you get a different drop down for A24s e.g. not Sprung as an option.

Kia ora,

Thanks for you post. I’ve put your questions to the tech team, and we’ll let you know when we have some answers for you :slight_smile:

Ngā mihi,
The Trap.NZ Team

Hi again,

The tech team say that the list of lures should be the same on the app as on the website. Please email support@trap.nz with some screenshots showing the difference you’re seeing on the app vs website.

There’s been a bug on the latest versions of the app, which is likely to be the cause of some of your trap entries not uploading. There’s a new version being released soon (hopefully by the end of the week) that should fix this.

We’re aware that the current handling of the self resetting traps needs updating, though aren’t resourced at the moment to work on that.

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