Distance between traps


Hi there - we have a small project going here - just wondering if there is a generally recommended distance to space traps at?


It depends on the type of trap and target species.
Looking at this website for DOC200 trap, it recommends a grid with lines 1Km apart for stoats or 100M apart for rats and traps every 100m along the line.
For Victor traps set up your lines 100m apart, with a trap every 50m .

DOC200: https://predatorfreenz.org/resources/setting-up-your-trap/setting-doc-200/
Victor: https://predatorfreenz.org/resources/setting-up-your-trap/setting-victor-rat-trap/


As close as possible as your budget allows
We started at 70 meters now going down to 40-50 as we got more money
Rats home range depends on food source more food less home range
So the more traps the better never have too many


Here in Wellington we put victor traps 50m apart to target rats (to get one in each 50m2 home range - so 4 per hectare, plus more for edges). Council here has bait stations for possums which are 100m apart, but some times they are replaced with Timms traps or warriors depending on the situation. As above - stoats have larger home ranges so a DOC200 every 5ha should be enough (one every 100m, almond lines 500m apart). Good luck with your project. Talk to the Biosecurity people at your regional council for more info