DOC/BT200 mesh supplier

Hi all, looking for recommendations on mesh sources for the wooden box traps. We build our own and have been using a square aviary mesh from Bunnings, however it is quite ‘soft’ and not as robust as I would like. The traps I have seen built by others or out in the field on various tracks etc have a much tougher mesh - I think it is dipped?

If you know where to buy it please let me know! Much appreciated

(we use stainless steel baffles on the inside but happy with mesh on the ends at this stage :slight_smile: )

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Xcluder carry galvanized and stainless steel meshes in a wide variety of gauges and hole sizes.


Hi the xcluder 12mm stainless is good quality at a good price

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We used the mesh from placemakers for our trapping tunnels. The mesh is not as soft as the one from Bunnings. They also give you a discount for conservation groups.

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I agree with bliebing. I am in Christchurch and Placemakers Riccarton stock Cyclone 900x19x1.25mm mesh in 5m rolls. It is stiff enough for traps.

Yes agreed. If you are local to Rotorua Lucy is the lady. And the price is always keen.
Cheers, hope this helps
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Hi Tui
I have been getting ours from our great hardware shop in Thames- Reads for 410 per sq metre. But I was looking for other stuff & came accross a chineese outfit ‘Temu’ who have a 6m roll of the mesh for $29.20 which is rediculas but seems real. Its 20mm square welded mesh, hot dipped Gal & appears to be ligit - with lots of referances.
We have started a workshop for people to make their own traps at our Menzshed in Thames, which was a success & if we get a lot of people wanting to do this workshop - then we will buy a roll which will do 100 of traps. Take a look at their site & let me know how you get on. REgards Tony Winter

Hi Tui,

You are looking for weld mesh. I am looking at replacing some of our baffles and have found some at Farm Source Balclutha (although I am yet to check it out in person and buy it) - NZ Wire Square Welded Mesh 900mm x 19mm x 1.25mm 5m | NZ Farm Source

There is also the same stuff at Placemakers for a higher cost - Cyclone Galvanised Square Welded Mesh 900 x 19 x 1.25mm 5m 8571072 | PlaceMakers NZ


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Thanks all for sharing your ideas and sources! We ended up getting a roll from Placemakers and it has been perfect.

All the big suppliers will make donation of equipment, just have to ask for the manager either your local branch store or the central office sales / purchasing office. Get you story right and ask, they all want to feel good about helping us beat pest animals or plants. and thank them directly with pics!