Double Tap Bait

Can you add Double Tap bait for possums and rats please? The App needs to have the ability to select more than one Toxin as Double Tap is Diphacinone and Chlolecalcoferol.

Hi Christine. How have you found double tap? any good? what bait stations do you use it in? Anyone else had success with it?? Cheers P

I haven’t used it yet, but am hoping to try it soon. Would be good to have the App set up for it.

Double Tab is a great alternative to everything else (and overused) currently on the market. I cannot wait to get it in paste form!

We have been using DT since it has been commercially available, to great success.

Our group is using the Enviromate100 baitstation. This gives us the option to not just conduct a knockdown, but also get intel via monitoring. The unit is running at 3 days per dish, every dish had initially 6 (knockdown), later on 2-3 pellets (maintenance) in them. Because of its programming, critters cannot eat the whole lot at once, but because the unit makes only a part available at a time, it prevents wastage. (Rats eating more than twice of LD50 is considered wastage for me). When the toxin has taken out the first lot, the next portion is provided for the successors. Due to the distribution of multiple Enviromates in the area incursion vectors can be identified and addressed.

Possums were targeted first, then allowing for the odd possum, but mostly getting on top of the rat numbers.

The bush bounced back, birds are thrieving and the local landowners have become very excited about the results.

But, please bear in mind, any method you choose to employ needs to be varyied from time to time to prevent method-shyness.

Hi all,

Just to let you know we have added “Diphacinone + Cholecalciferol” as a toxin option when setting up your bait configs. This should cover Double Tap and any others that use that combo in the future.


Thanks, that’s great. Is it possible to have 2 toxin %, one for each toxin please?

Not currently, there would be quite some data implications involved with adding a second type.

We’ve been using Double Tap for some time now on our projects and we record it as 0.005% Diphacinone. The Cholecalciferol according to Connovation acts as an enhancer rather than the primary toxin so as long as we know it’s the combination we can work the numbers back.

Not the answer you were after I’m sorry.