Double Tap- by Cooovation

We are planning to use a new poison in July which is a combination of .05gm/kg Diphacinone and .6gm/kg Choleciferol.
So its two of the ones that are in the current list but the present format in the “Add Bait Station Data” only allows for one poison and one concentration.
At this stage I can use one and make a note in comments about the other but having it all together would be neater,

We would use this as well.

We’ve been using Double Tap for a while and recording it as Diphacinone as that is the active toxin (vit D being more of a catalyst(?) in this bait). Results will be skewed in Diphacinone’s favour so not ideal as is.

Hi there,

Just to let you know we have added “Diphacinone + Cholecalciferol” as a toxin option when setting up your bait configs. This should cover Double Tap and any others that use that combo in the future.