Double traps - double bait stations too?

I read about the new double trap feature a while back so thought it would be a good solution for one of our bait stations. For years it has always been filled to capacity by the baiter, but at the next visit is always emptied.

So today I placed a second bait station, and then went to map & label it as a double bait station. But I find the system does not provide for double bait stations, only double traps.
I left it in place though, and gave the new station the same ID number as the one it is beside, but with “a” added. I presume that will mean baiting the two separately although located side-by-side.
Is there a better way of using two bait stations to handle high bait take?

Hi @jo_b on the app it allows you to add a collocated installation which would be similar to a double trap idea

I hope this helps you

Hi Lenore,
Ah, that’s what I saw & was seeking, thank you.
It’s not on the website. And my mobile screen looks quite different - do I need to delete & reinstall the app? Or do we enable “advanced record fields” somewhere?

So the station ID is for the installation at this location, not the device itself, so I could remove the new ID number?

what version of trap.NZ App are you using, you might like to download the latest update from your App store. I am currently running Version 5.0.3

So I have v 5.0.3 too, that’s good, And I’ve found the settings that are shown in your pic, thanks, and tried to make them work. There is progress!
Should the new device take the ID number of the one beside it? If so, does the baiter need to make two entries for each visit to the installation, one for each station?

Hi @jo_b, when you select the installation, it will split and show as the original ID number/ code, but have supplementary beside it, which will allow you to place two sets of records, (These records will always stay together )

great, thanks. We’ll see how it goes