Download CSV (Manage Traps) not working on a sorted list

Hi, when I try to download a CSV file under ‘manage traps’ in the browser, I get an error message and no download.


After a bit of experimenting, I can get the export to work but only on an unsorted list. If I apply a sort on any field, I get an error. This occurs in both Chrome and Edge… so I’m fairly sure there’s a database quirk that’s causing this issue.

I have a workaround for this… but it doesn’t fit my usual workflow for my end-of-month reporting… it would be good to get it fixed.

Many thanks


thanks for bringing this to our attention I’ll get the developers to have a look at it

Kia ora I just tried and wasn’t able to replicate the error. Can you please let me know what project and what filters you were using. You can reply using our helpdesk on if you prefer