Downloading/importing waypoints from Garmin GPSMAP 64s to DNR Garmin

Kia ora,

Not a Trap NZ question - rather a DNR Garmin query - throwing it out there for any Garmin GPS/GIS/DNR Garmin guru out there.

Have a bunch of old waypoints on the Garmin that I would like to import via .csv. However, I plug in the GPS, open DNR Garmin, hit ‘download’ in the Waypoints menu - and nothing populates. I’ve let it sit there for some time in case there’s so much data that it needs time, but to no avail.

Wondering if anyone else using DNR Garmin and Garmin GPSMAP 64S have had a similar issue, and was there a fix? I don’t think it’s a cable issue because I can see the waypoints in the GPX folder using Windows file explorer - but can’t get them loading onto DNR Garmin software! Maybe something I need to configure in DNR Garmin? In my previous role it worked on two GPS models but it may have been set up correctly by a system administrator.


You can directly load from the gpx file you see in file explorer and select the “waypoint” option.

Hi Nathanm, thanks for responding.

Is your suggestion relevant to DNR Garmin software? If so, could you be more specific? I don’t believe this is an option in TrapNZ and file uploads need to be in .csv format, which is why I’m trying to use DNR Garmin.

None of my waypoint .gpx files are appearing in DNR Garmin, using both the ‘File > Load from’ or the ‘Waypoint > Download’ option.


I figured it out! So simple in the end, I saw the extension was showing as .txt and changed it to .gpx and ta-da - the .gpx files appeared so I could select what I wanted and they’re showing in DNR for me to tweak and upload to TrapNZ.

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