Duplicate catch records


First off, thanks for the trap.nz service, it’s super helpful and makes our lives a lot easier.

My question/issue: I’m with the Kaitake Ranges Conservation Trust project (id 708466) and have been looking at our data and I’m seeing a lot of duplicates (~500) and same day (~900) records. Looking at the data it is across a range or dates and trap lines so it doesn’t seem to be for example the same person screwing up and incorrectly adding records twice. I’ve read some other questions here about record duplications and how the app shouldn’t let it happen because of the unique id it passes to the server. However, I don’t know what version of the app our users have (there are a lot of users) - could it be that older versions of the app don’t have that duplication protection?
Anyway, I think I need to go through and correct the duplicates and same day data, but I wanted to check-in first to see if:
a) any one wants to do any investigation on the data as it currently is to discount technical issues
b) any one has suggestions on how to reduce duplicates going forward


I will send you an email @kelvinperrie