Duplicate errors when uploading catches

Hi there - trying to bulk import catches and gettign a lot of this: ‘Unable to match trap using provided columns - duplicates found (trying to match on: code: 129, line: , name: )’

The rows I’m uploading are not duplicates as the catch dates are different. Truncated version of two similar rows below (NB date is different):

[date] 2-Jun-17 | [code] 129 | [strikes] 1 | [Species] Rat
[date] 3-Jun-17 | [code] 129 | [strikes] 1 | [Species] Rat

This seems to be the type of similarity that’s tripping duplicate errors.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Hi @ajhawkins

The duplicates found message usually means that the system has found more than one trap with the same code in the project so doesn’t know which trap to assign the record to. You can include a line column in the CSV if the trap names are unique to a line.


Ah ha - yes a few of those in there. Cheers