Duplicate line names

Don’t know how I did it but I have duplicated a line name - it appears twice in the list of lines for the project. I want to get rid of one of them but don’t know how.
Peter Wood

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the late reply. If you’re the owner of the project you can click Lines, then Manage Lines (https://trap.nz/view/manage-lines) which will list all your lines, let you select, modify or delete lines.

Hope that helps!

Hello Scott

Thanks for comments. Whakarewarewa Pest Free has some 63 lines and I manage one called Blue Lake Walking Tracks with 154 assorted traps (I think it is the largest of the lines) - we have 35 trappers all members of Rotorua U3A) - but I’m not the project owner so access denied to the site you suggested. But I can edit lines and decided to go ahead and delete one of my inadvertent duplicates (made when I was extending the line) - I got rid of it but that dissociated all the traps from the remaining line so I had to reassociate them back to the line - got there in the end.