Duplications of records using the app

Any other group out there having an issue where records are being duplicated when using the app? We are having to go through manually and delete them which is tedious. I am waiting on a reply from admins but would be keen to know if this is more wide spread. Not sure how the App could do this on same day records unless there is a design fault. thanks

Hi Sarah,

Every record sent from the app has a unique commit ID and those are checked at the server end before saving in the system. Duplicates are rejected. It very unlikely to be an app issue, but we can take a look if you can provide some specific records.

There’s nothing to stop an app user from manually adding a second entry, and it is quite easy to do particularly if the trap is on a line and the user is navigating along that line in the app. There are some usability tweaks we could make to help prevent this.

To answer your question I’ve been through our local projects and we don’t have any duplicates.


Hi Sarah and Andy,
I have had duplications happening as well. I think it happens when you save and close a catch and then revisit the trap on the app. It won’t show the catch already recorded on the same day, so the user thinks the catch was not properly processed and enters it again. Maybe the system could somehow show a catch recorded earlier on the same day.
Regards, Roel

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thanks Roel all good info - I have asked a friend of mine who has a better technical understanding of apps to see what he thinks.

Hi Roel,

That is a possibility.

Which version of the app are you on? Actually same question to you Sarah?

You can find out under Menu > About > Version.

If this is the case you should then see two entries in the daily logs (Menu > Logs.)

If you can let us know what you find we’d really appreciate it.


Hi Andy - I dont use the app as most of my traps have no data coverage so I enter data online but many people in our trapping group do.

I use version 3.2.4. And indeed, I found another ‘double trap record’ in the Logs. I would not have recorded that catch, if I had been able to see it when I checked my entry by checking the trap a second time on that day.

Sarah: The beauty of the app is that you can use the app if your traps don’t all have data coverage. The catches will be recorded on your phone. They will be automatically updated to the central database when your phone gets back into data coverage!!!

Thanks Roel. That’s quite an old version of the app, v3.4.13 has been out for a while. I’d suggest waiting for v4 however which should be out in a few days.

I Know that Roel but when the app first came out I found it very frustrating so havent used it since and my phone is pretty old!